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Used Car Dealers

A real customer must be careful on his investments. In buying a used car, you must evaluate if it is the right choice. With that, the first question that will pop in your mind is how. Basically, you must acquire knowledge of the technical aspect of vehicles. Not only you will save your money from being slandered, you will also be freed from all the hassles in the long run.

  1. Check for engine size. You must know how many liters of gas your vehicle would consume. This will give you hint how much will you spent on your daily gas expenses. Just pray that will be no more oil price hike in the next months. Together with the engine size is the oil type. This will indicate how well-maintained the vehicle is by checking out the oil changes records.
  2. Check the odometer reading. You must know how fast your vehicle will run in roads and high ways. The lower mileage reading the better because it means that this vehicle is not tampered. You will know it by taking a test drive. Honest seller will never deny you a test drive. Most, though, will ask you to limit it to less than 30 minutes.
  3. Check for conditions disclosed. This will give you a better picture on the vehicle’s long run scheme. You should watch out for dents, rusts, scratches, and stone ships. Is the damage repairable? Does the repair will cost you more than the vehicle itself?
  4. Look for possible bargains. Additional car accessories such as wheel covers, extra tire and spoilers might be good bargains. Think of what your vehicle really needs.
  5. Check for vehicle specifications. Look for alloy wheels as much as possible it will increase market value on the car purchased.
  6. Review the vehicle history. Be aggressive enough to know the history of the vehicle ownership. Do not be complacent on your vehicle’s credibility. It is the customer’s every right and concern to check all the necessary documents such as ownership history. It is better safe than be sorry. Follow this if you do not want police patrol cars chasing you from behind.
  7. Purchase your cars from the trusted used car dealers. As a customer you must insure that the dealers offer high quality products and excellent service. For instance, are the vehicles JAAI/JEVIC-certified? Widely -known authorized used car dealers are IBC JAPAN. Visit there website at