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We've made buying from auctions easy for you! From searching to bidding until you receive your vehicle, we make sure that you have a hassle-free and enjoyable buying experience with us.

iDirect is IBC Japan's exclusive auction search engine. With iDirect, you can access Japanese and USA auctions directly without the cost and inconvenience of actually going to the auctions yourself.

See how convenient it is to bid and buy from Japan or USA vehicle auctions from the comfort of your own home or office, with these few easy steps:

  • Select

    Thousands of vehicles are available from hundreds of weekly live auctions in Japan and the USA. Select your preferred units by entering vehicle data into our specially-designed iDirect search engine. Click submit and get results instantly.

  • Bid

    Pick a vehicle from the search results, input your desired bid amount, and confirm.

    We receive auction data, vehicle information, and photos from all the major Japanese and US auction databases. We translate the data into English and make them available to you through the vehicle results you see in iDirect.

  • Deposit

    Congratulations on your winning bid. You can use our safe and secure payment options to make your 50% deposit on the vehicle within seven days.

  • Inspection

    All vehicles undergo strict independent inspection before they are booked to be shipped. Vehicles with accident damage or obvious faulty mechanical condition are returned to the auction with no risk to the customer who made the bid.

  • Ship

    After passing the inspection and upon payment of 50% deposit, vehicle is immediately shipped to your desired destination, anywhere in the world. Our long-standing agreements with shipping companies allow us to pass on to you the best shipping rates available.

  • Balance

    Prompt payment of remaining balance ensures the immediate release of your vehicle documents. While waiting for your vehicle, take advantage of the vehicle's idle transit time to send in your remaining 50% balance.

  • Release

    Documents are released. You may now claim your vehicle.

iDirect offers more choice, convenience, and maximum value. Bid and buy from the comfort of your own home, using our cutting-edge and easy-to-use iDirect Auction Search engine.

A Preview of the iDirect Search Engine:

Instant Results

Thank you for your interest in our iDirect Auctions. For questions, you can contact any of our Sales Executives via email at or through 24/7 Live Support for a faster response time.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.