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Terms Of Trade


You can purchase vehicles from IBC Japan Ltd. (IBC) from IBC owned inventory in Japan or sourced from the United States of America, Singapore, Thailand and South Korea, and from iDirect (direct from auctions in Japan and the United States of America).

Prices with complete vehicle details can be viewed once you receive your login and password after signing in.

Inventory in Japan

More than a thousand vehicles from IBC inventory in Japan are available for your purchase online after signing in. (Click on 'Vehicles' - 'Find Vehicles for Sale' - 'Vehicles for Sale')

Prices are quoted in Japanese Yen (JPY) but can also be quoted in another acceptable currency (such as USD, EUR, NZD, GBP or AUD) in either FOB or CIF terms depending on the market settings of a particular region where your vehicles are to be delivered.

We welcome all inquiries about the vehicles and their prices. If you wish to visit Japan to purchase directly, FOB or CIF rates can also be quoted upon request.

Either a full (100%) or partial (25% or 50%) payment of the purchase price is required to be paid within seven (7) calendar days of confirmation of the vehicle to the customer's account and prior to shipment with any balance due upon notification of shipment.

Vehicles from the USA, Singapore, Thailand and South Korea

We also offer for sale previously owned vehicles sourced from the United States of America (Original Left Hand Drive [LHD]) and Singapore, new vehicles sourced directly from car manufacturers in Thailand, as well as new and previously owned vehicles sourced from South Korea.

The list of vehicles for sale with their corresponding vehicle details and prices can be viewed upon log in. (Click on 'Vehicles', 'Find Vehicles for Sale', 'Original LHD' / 'Singapore Vehicles' / 'Thailand Vehicles')

Prices are quoted in United States Dollars (USD), either in CIF or FOB terms.

Full (100%) payment of the total CIF or FOB price of the vehicle must be paid within seven (7) calendar days from confirmation of the unit to the customer's account.

Additional terms of trade for the purchase of these vehicles are stated on the Order Form.