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Quality Used Cars

Quality used cars with the comfort and style same as luxury cars? Impossible? Well it's not. Luxury cars with sleek designs may give you the ultimate comfort you want with a high price tag that you definitely DO NOT want. So why spend more on luxurious cars when you can have quality used cars with the same comfort and quality as luxurious cars. What's even better is that these quality used cars costs LESS.

If you're still not convinced on why quality used cars are better than new cars, then let these reasons help you out:

  1. Save Money – Buying quality used cars rather than a new one will definitely save you big bucks in a lot of ways.
  2. Minimize Depreciation - After three years, a cars value depreciates by 60-70% after their purchase. Buying quality used cars minimizes depreciation since it has already been absorbed by the owner.
  3. Lower Car Insurance Rates – Car insurance rates are higher for new cars rather than those of used cars.
  4. Wider Selection – Buying used cars will obviously give you a wider selection. If you adore the look of the 90's car, then you have to buy them used.
  5. Save the Planet – Buying used cars reduces the carbon footprint compared to that of a new car.

Buying quality used cars may sometimes be scary especially when you do not know the seller. But based on my experiences on those of my friends, we trust only IBCJAPAN in buying quality used cars.